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扩展many2one在form中的显示方式,自动完成多列显示 通过字段选项(options属性)实现行为配置 1.选项:'multi_cols' True或者Fasle,指示该字段是否需要多列显示 2.选项:'columns':['column name1',...] 指定要显示的字段名,name字段默认显示,不需要明确指定

Many2one Combo-box Table

Many2one field select list now display a combo list. Using multi field giving much more information.

Key features
  • Expand the way that many2one is displayed in the form, make it automatically complete multi-column display.
  • Support any many2one field in form view.
  • Support odoo version 14 13 12 11 .
Module Detials

Demo in sale order form

Select a partner


Select a product


Select a product in bom


Configuration method

  1. Edit manifest file to add depends

    If you need extend other business object,the first step you need edit the manifest file of the moudle.
    Just like : 'depends': ['purchase','mrp'],

  2. Edit view file

    Inherit the correct form view, change the attributes of many2on field using the follow way:

    Second parameter columns include all fields what you want display in combo list.


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